FUB Sisu Pipeline Integrations

Web Form Integration:

The Follow Up Boss Web Form Pipeline Integration is a series of web forms related to each stage of a transaction. The forms are embedded into each FUB lead record and can be set up to trigger the automation of virtually anything within FUB, such as stage changes, tags, tasks, action plans, appointments, etc. The default automation includes a FUB note with the form entry data and creating/updating FUB Deals.

The Web Form Pipeline Integration is also integrated with Sisu to create/update Sisu Transactions which populates Sisu’s Appt Set, Met, Signed, etc. pipeline. Additionally, the Web Form Pipeline Integration can integrate with any platform that has a Zapier integration or an open API...Read more

Embedded App Integration:

The InterFace embedded app embeds customizable web forms into Follow Up Boss (FUB) that act as an extension to FUB Deals. FUB Deals only contain a handful of data points but when pushing data into other systems you typically need to send additional data. InterFace enables pushing additional data points to other web applications beyond the fields available on FUB Deals and without the limitations of Zapier automation...Read more

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