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Field Mapping Guide: Connecting Your InterFace Webforms to Sisu
Field Mapping Guide: Connecting Your InterFace Webforms to Sisu

Map any field on your Webforms to any field in Sisu!

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Efficiently transferring data between your InterFace webforms and Sisu has never been simpler. With our flexible field mapping feature, you can seamlessly align fields on your forms with corresponding fields in Sisu. This guide will walk you through the process of field mapping, ensuring accurate data synchronization and minimizing manual data entry.

Mapping Fields: Form to Sisu

Any field on your InterFace webform can be mapped to a corresponding field in Sisu, provided they share the same format. Whether it's a text field, a single select field, or any other format, the process remains consistent:

  1. Identify the Fields: Determine which fields on your webform you want to map to Sisu. Note down the name of each field as it appears on your webform.

  2. Mapping to Sisu Fields: For each field you want to map, provide us with the name of the field in your webform and the name of the corresponding field in Sisu that it needs to be linked with. This can be done by sending an email to [email protected].

  3. Alternate Method - Google Spreadsheet: If you prefer a more organized approach, you can use a Google spreadsheet to list the mapping details. Create a column for webform fields and another for corresponding Sisu fields. Share this spreadsheet with our support team at the provided email.

  4. One-to-Many Mapping: A single field on your webform can be synchronized to multiple fields in Sisu. This can be especially useful when consolidating data from multiple sources.

  5. Concatenating Text Fields: Multiple text fields on your webform can be combined and mapped to a single text field in Sisu. This allows you to consolidate information while maintaining clarity.

  6. Special Fields and Calculations: Complex calculations involving fields like Gross Agents Paid Income and Commission Splits can be managed using InterFace. Inform us of the calculations you require in the backend, and we'll execute them, with the results mapped to a designated field in Sisu.

Advantages of Field Mapping with InterFace

  • Efficiency: Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the chances of errors by automating the data transfer process.

  • Flexibility: Our platform accommodates various field formats, ensuring a seamless connection between your forms and Sisu.

  • Complex Calculations: Delegate intricate calculations to InterFace, and map the outcomes to your Sisu fields.

  • Enhanced Insights: Ensure your data is accurately reflected in Sisu for informed decision-making.

Streamline your workflow and optimize data synchronization between your InterFace webforms and Sisu. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team. We're here to help you make the most of our platform's capabilities!

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