Appointment Automation
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Appointment Automation

Follow Up Boss Automation

1) Create Note:

2) Populate Background Field

3) Update Contact Stage to ‘Appointment Set'

The standard automation updates the contact stage to ‘Appointment Set’ but it can update to any stage name, if necessary.

4) Send Assignment Form

The Assignment Form Link can be emailed or sent as a text to the person who assigns appointments, or it can be added to a slack channel.

5) Populate Custom Fields

The form entry data can be added to custom fields.

6) Trigger and/or Pause Action Plans

The form can trigger specific action plans and can also pause specific action plans or pause all action plans.

7) Add Tags

The form can apply any tags you want to add to the contact record.

8) Assignment Automation

The Assignment form is optional. If the Assignment form is not used, all the automation listed on the Assignment Automation page can be triggered by the Appointment form.

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