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How to add/remove agent names on the Webforms?
How to add/remove agent names on the Webforms?

Wondering how to add a new agent to your webforms? Or remove an agent who left your team? This article is for you.

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Most teams have a dynamic nature, wherein agents join and leave almost every week. For a simple form embedded app (and not webforms), teams can log into their InterFace account and update the users list therein. But for Webform users, it is as simple as dropping an email to [email protected]. Our support team will make updates to your forms and get back to you.

Down the feature line, we do plan to give complete power to you - to add or remove agents from the forms. But for the time being, our team needs to make updates for you. Feel free to drop us emails, even if it is a single agent update. We would be more than happy to make the updates to your forms.

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