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Add Agent Names to your embedded app!
Add Agent Names to your embedded app!

Subscribed to our FUB Sisu Integration with the embedded app? Here's how to update agent names...

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The embedded app pushes pipeline data (Appt Set, Met, Signed, etc.) into Sisu, and you can learn more here. You'll need to log into your InterFace account to add your agents so they will appear on the app.

First, navigate to the Fub User List tab and then click the Get Fub Users button.


Next, click the edit button when your Fub user appears.


Then, update each agent that needs to appear on the app. For the different agent types, the settings should be as follows:

  • Outside Sales Agent (Attends appts with clients): Check OSA box

  • Inside Sales Agent (Sets appts for OTHER agents to attend): Check ISA box

  • ISA & OSA (Fills both roles): Check OSA box and ISA box


Feel free to drop an email to [email protected] if you have any questions!

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