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Text Filter in automation builder: Using "Contains" Operator
Text Filter in automation builder: Using "Contains" Operator

How to set up an automation using 'Contains' operator in the filter step, filtering out flows that don't 'contain' qualifying data

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Text Filters are arguably the most used operators to allow or disallow a workflow to proceed. For this article, we have used Text messages created as a trigger, as an example, indicating a text activity being logged for a Follow Up Boss lead. We want to filter out all text messages that don't contain 'Open Houses'.

Here's how to set up the filter step:

  1. Whatever be the trigger, it needs to be tested. Click on Test Trigger to fetch the most recent data:

    This is how the output looks, if the test is successful:

    If the test failed, please log into Follow Up Boss and send a a new text, which would work as a test. Once done, wait for a few seconds and click on Test Trigger button again, and it should give a successful result.

  2. Select Filter as the next step.

  3. Filter Templates are pre-set filters which are most requested in the builder. Click on 'Select a filter template'.

If a template does not exist for what you are trying to achieve, click on Advanced filters. For this article, we need to select Advanced filters.

This brings us to the filter step, which looks something like this:

How to Select Data which we want to check:

For this example, we want to filter by content of the text message triggered through step 1

  1. Click on Select Data. A pop up box appears with data to choose from.

  2. Click on 1. trigger to view data output from the test you ran earlier.

  3. Search for 'text.message' parameter

  4. Select operator 'Contains' and fill in the filter data. For us, we want the workflow to continue ONLY if the text message contains Open House

  5. Finally, we must test the step. Click on Test Filter. A successful test would show whether your workflow would have continued or not. In our example, the text message did NOT contain Open House. So, the test details denote 'Your Workflow would not have continued for this test data'.

  6. You can continue building the workflow after this step. This step would filter allow text messages that contain 'Open House' to continue with the next steps i.e. actions.

Once you have completed the setup of actions, you can now manually test the automation from Follow Up Boss. Don't forget to save the workflow and turn the workflow on!

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions!

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