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Automation Builder: Getting Started with Workflows
Automation Builder: Getting Started with Workflows

Create your first workflow within minutes!

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Automation Builder allows you to create workflows with triggers that are specific to Follow Up Boss, with templates that are frequently used in the real estate industry and with actions that reduce human effort and errors!

You can schedule a demo for the automation builder here. If you've already subscribed, contact [email protected] to check the status of your onboarding.

Let's create a workflow for adding a tag to a lead when the person stage is updated.

Follow this step-by-step guide to build your first workflow in the builder:

  1. Log in to your InterFace account here and open the Automation Builder

  2. click on Create New Workflow at the top right of the screen

  3. Enter Workflow Title and Description and click on Continue.

  4. Click to select a trigger for the workflow

  5. Select Follow Up Boss as the platform to connect

  6. Under People triggers, select Person Stage Updated

  7. Click on Test Trigger to pull actual data from your Follow Up Boss account

  8. This is how the test results would look, with the most recent instance of selected trigger.

    If the test fails, we recommend logging into Follow Up Boss and executing the triggering instance. For example, in this case, updating a stage is the triggering instance. So create a test lead, and update its stage. Then, try testing the trigger again. It should pull the most recent data.

  9. Next step would be to add a filter, answering the question - On what stage should the tag be added? Select Filter as the next step.

  10. Filter Templates are pre-set filters which are most requested in the builder. Click on 'Select a filter template'.

    If a template does not exist for what you are trying to achieve, click on Advanced filters. For this article, we need to select Advanced filters.

    This brings us to the filter step, which looks something like this;

  11. Click on Select Data and select 1.trigger as we want to filter from person stage pulled in the first step.

  12. Search for "person.stage" and click on it

  13. Select Operator as "=Equals (text)"

  14. On the rightmost input field, type in the stage that exactly matches the stage you want this workflow to run for

  15. Click on Test Filter

  16. The test details would show the status of the test (successful or not) along with the conclusion whether your test lead would have passed through the filter or not. In our example, our test lead would not have passed through

  17. Select an action by clicking on Follow Up Boss

  18. Select an action of your choice. We will go forward by selecting Set Tag

  19. Click on '+' button to add one (or more) tags

  20. Type in your Tag Name and Test the action

  21. After a successful test, save the workflow and turn it on by clicking on the respective buttons at the top of the page

    Remember to manually test the automation from your FUB account, by running the instance of trigger.

Congratulations! You have now successfully setup a workflow. Feel free to play around with multiple triggers, filter templates, and action steps! We are constantly striving to update this knowledge base with in depth articles. But should you run into a problem that is not stated, feel free to drop an email to [email protected].


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