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How to trace a lead with a logged call longer than X minutes?
How to trace a lead with a logged call longer than X minutes?

Filter calls logged based on duration and use the data in your workflow!

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Longer duration calls can be used in multiple ways, for example, to make a list of leads qualifying a certain criteria. In this example, we will populate a date custom fields in FUB when the ASSIGNED AGENT makes an outgoing call to the lead, for a duration of more than 90 seconds. This has been inspired by an Automation set up by Whissel Realty. Group.
To begin with, we start by selecting Calls Created as a trigger. A successful test of the trigger is required to move ahead.

This is how the output looks, if the test is successful:

If the test failed, please log into Follow Up Boss and log a call or make a new one, which would work as a test. Once done, wait for a few seconds and click on Test Trigger button again, and it should give a successful result.

  1. Select Filter from the choices

  2. Selected Filter Template : Continue if Call Made by Assigned Agent. Test the filter before moving ahead.

  3. Select Filter from action steps

  4. Filter Templates are pre-set filters which are most requested in the builder. Click on 'Select a filter template'.

    If a template does not exist for what you are trying to achieve, click on Advanced filters. For this article, we need to select Advanced filters.

    This brings us to the filter step, which looks something like this:

  5. From the trigger step, fetch call duration by typing 'duration' in search box in the box that pops up AFTER clicking on select data field.

    In the operator field, choose Greater Than or Equal to.

    In the Input field on the right, enter the duration in seconds, greater than which qualifies for your workflow. In this example, we used 90 seconds.
    Test the step.

  6. Select Follow Up Boss as the next action step.
    Select 'Populate Custom Fields' from 'Select an automation' field.

  7. Click on '+' to add a field and select the custom field name you wish to populate

8. In Custom Field Value, we will use today's date output. That is an option in most action steps.

9. Click on the output field todays_date in the dropdown.

10. Test the action step.

11. Click on Save Workflow, and turn on the Workflow

You can now manually test the automation from Follow Up Boss. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions!

PRO TIP: How to trace the lead in FUB, for which your test ran.

To identify the test account where the automation ran while testing, open the test results from step 1 (trigger). You may have to click on 'Show previous test details' if the results are not visible.

From the results, we need to identify '' field. The output is the FUB Person ID for our test. Copy the ID. Here's how it looks:

Now, open Follow Up Boss and open any lead. We need to adjust the last part of the URL to match the FUB Person we used as a test.

Paste the ID and press enter:

On this lead, you can see if the test action ran successfully.

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!

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