Add names to Forms
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Add Names to Forms

When you have a new team member, their name will need to be added to one or more of the forms. These are the instructions for completing that task.


1. First, you’ll need to know which form and field needs to be updated for each type of team member

  • Inside Sales Agent

    • Form: Appointment Form, Field: ISAs

  • Outside Sales Agent

    • Form: Appointment Form, Field: Assigned OSA

  • Form: Assignment Form, Field: Assigned OSA

  • Staff Member (Only if staff will be filling out the Appointment Form)

    • Form: Appointment Form, Field: Admin

2. To get started, log in to Wufoo
3. Next, find the relevant form and click the ‘Edit Form’ button

4. Next, find the relevant field (See #1 above) and click on it so you can edit it. Then, click the green + symbol above where you want to add the name.

5. Enter the name EXACTLY as it appears in Follow Up Boss.

Wufoo has a weird issue where data copied and pasted into a dropdown field won’t save unless something (anything) is typed into the field. If you copy and paste the name into the field, to get it to save, you’ll need to type a letter or spacebar after the name and then delete what was typed.

When all the names have been added, click ‘Save Form’ at the bottom of the form.

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