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Single Click Embedded App Documentation
Single Click Embedded App Documentation

What is our one click embedded app and how it works!

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An embedded app is enabled within each FUB Contact which can create and update FUB Deals and Sisu Transactions with a single click of a button. For teams that want to push data into Sisu as quickly as possible, this is the ideal solution. Watch a demo here.

Important Considerations

  • Though this embedded app type can allow quick creation of deals in FUB and corresponding transaction in Sisu, it does not provide for any data collection in FUB and transmission to Sisu. It enables syncing of deal stage in FUB to transaction status in Sisu.

  • There is a provision for collecting date and syncing to corresponding date field in Sisu, and needs to be enabled if required.

ISA Sync

This type does NOT track appointments being set by ISAs and push that information to Sisu by itself. Creating the appointment using our normal type embedded app and webforms can track ISAs and update the Appt Set By field in Sisu.


  • The workflow involves creating an opportunity in FUB, which would create a Sisu transaction. Click on + sign in our embedded app, and click on any stage you want to create an opportunity for.

  • To update the stage, click on the deal stage mentioned within the tile in our embedded app. In screenshot attached, the date feature has been enabled, allowing agents to enter a date. Dates for respective stages are Appointment Set date, Appointment Met date, Signed date, Under Contract date and Settlement date. Enter a date and click on the stage you want to update to. That’s it! The FUB deal and respective Sisu transaction gets updated.

  • To update deal to the next stage, again follow the same procedure. Here’s a screenshot for Single click type without date provision, for updating a deal in Signed stage to Pending stage:

  • Clicking on Pending would create a FUB note, update deal in FUB to Pending, update status in Sisu to Pending, with today’s date as Under Contract date. Today’s date is assumed for Single Click embedded app without date provision enabled.

Drop our team a mail at [email protected] if you need any help!

Stagewise Information Flow from FUB to Sisu:

Following data is sent from FUB to Sisu when an opportunity is created using InterFace app, for any transaction stage:

a. Transaction Status
b. Assigned Agent (Directly from FUB)
c. First Name and Last Name (Directly from FUB)
d. Contact Email (Directly from FUB)
e. Mobile Phone Number (Directly from FUB)
f. FUB Contact Link (Directly from FUB)
g. Lead Date (Directly from FUB)

1. Pipeline Stage

a. Client Type (Buyer/Seller)

2. Appointment Set Stage

This stage can be directly used instead of Pipeline with same flow of information from FUB to Sisu, in addition to the following fields:

a. 1st Appointment Date (Today by default)(ability to enter date, if setting enabled)

3. Appointment Met Stage

a. Status > Appointment Met
b. 1st Time Appointment Met (Today by default)(ability to enter date, if setting enabled)

4. Agreement Signed Stage

a. Status>Signed
b. Signed Date (Today by default)(ability to enter date, if setting enabled)

5. Pending Stage

a. Status>Pending
b. Under Contract Date (Today by default)(ability to enter date, if setting enabled)

6. Closed Stage

a. Status>Closed
b. Settlement Date (Today by default)(ability to enter date, if setting enabled)

7. Terminate Deal

To archive the deal in FUB and update status as Lost in Sisu, use Termination functionality. Following is updated in Sisu:

a. Status>Lost

Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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