All of our FUB Sisu integration subscriptions come with an Activity integration and a Pipeline integration.

The FUB Sisu Activity Integration Syncs Calls, Texts, Emails, and Lead Sources. We sync this data in real time as activities occur in FUB. We also run a daily sync to make sure the data in Sisu mirrors the data in FUB for that day.

Pipeline Integration Options

The Pipeline integration syncs transaction data for the Appointment Set, Appointment Met, Agreement Signed (BBA or Listing), Pending, and Closed stages.

1) Single-Click Embedded App

Another simple yet effective way of updating FUB Deals and update their Sisu transactions is our Single-Click functionality. A deal created from our embedded app can be updated to further stages with just One Click. This allows a quick method for updating contacts with multiple deals registered. Watch the demo here:

At different stages of a deal, agents need to collect information - which needs to reflect in Sisu as well. Our simple form embedded app allows agents to create and update deals in FUB which reflect in Sisu as well - by filling out forms within our agent-friendly embedded app within all FUB contacts.

The Follow Up Boss Web Form Pipeline Integration is a series of web forms related to each stage of a transaction. The forms are embedded into each FUB lead record and can be set up to trigger the automation of virtually anything within FUB, such as stage changes, tags, tasks, action plans, appointments, etc. The default automation includes a FUB note with the form entry data and creating/updating FUB Deals.

4) Tag-based Integration

Don't want your agents to fill out lengthy forms? Create and Update Deals in Follow Up Boss and Sisu using FUB tags. The tag-based integration is paired with either the single-click or simple form embedded app. Watch the demo here:

5) Deal based Integration

More info coming soon

6) Two-Way Sync

Our two-way sync pushes data from FUB Deal fields to Sisu Transaction fields and vice versa. It also allows populating data from our customizable forms into FUB Deal custom fields. Here's a demo video showing how it works.

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