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FUB Sisu Integration
FUB-Sisu Deal based Integration
FUB-Sisu Deal based Integration

With this feature, you get the power to create and update transactions in Sisu directly from FUB deals.

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What does our FUB-Sisu deal based integration empower agents with?

  • Speed

  • Accuracy

  • Precision without duplication

This integration allows agents to create transactions in Sisu directly from a FUB Lead without filling out any forms, yet syncing standard fields from FUB to Sisu.

Important Considerations

  • Agents need to create deal from the FUB Contact for the integration to work. They cannot create a deal from Deals section in FUB navigation menu.

  • This integration is a 1-way sync from FUB to Sisu. Updating transactions in Sisu would NOT update the deals in FUB. For that, check out our bidirectional sync integration.

  • This type does NOT track appointments being set by ISAs and push that information to Sisu by itself. Creating the appointment using our normal type embedded app and webforms can track ISAs and update the Appt Set By field in Sisu.


  • Once a team has been onboarded to FUB-Sisu deal based integration, go to the FUB Lead you want to create a deal for.

  • Click on + sign in deals section on the right column.

  • Fill out the name, close date, price and click on Create Deal.

  • This would create a Sisu transaction, which can be access through our embedded app Sisu shortcut found at the bottom right of the opportunity! The transaction in Sisu would have the Client Last name, Client type, Contact details, Agent, FUB Link URL, Transaction Amount, Close Date, other respective dates, Notes and stage/status pulled into from the FUB contact.

  • To update the deal stage, agents can either use the opportunity in our embedded app or use the stages in the created deal itself, like this:

    Open this box by clicking on the Deal found here:

  • This would update the deal stage in FUB and status in Sisu. This process can also be used to update transaction amount, close date, etc. from FUB to Sisu, without updating the stage.

Have this add on to your FUB Sisu integration and empower your agents with capabilities to transmit data without filling out forms and without creating duplicates in Sisu!

Feel free to drop an email to [email protected] in case of any queries.

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