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FUB ChatGPT Overview
FUB ChatGPT Overview

Enable your agents to use the world class AI based ChatGPT for their benefit! Ask ChatGPT absolutely anything, right from FUB Lead!

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You can onboard yourself in 15 minutes - that's it. Just follow these steps:

Check out the FUB Chat GPT Demo video to see how the integration works:

We asked ChatGPT "How can ChatGPT benefit Follow Up Boss users?". Here's the response:

"As a powerful language model, ChatGPT can bring significant benefits to Follow Up Boss users. ChatGPT can streamline communication by generating personalized follow-up messages for leads and prospects, helping users save time and effort. With its natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can analyze and understand incoming inquiries from leads, automatically generating appropriate responses based on context and user preferences. This can help users ensure consistent and professional communication, improving lead engagement and conversion rates.

Additionally, ChatGPT can provide valuable insights and recommendations by analyzing data and identifying patterns in leads' behavior and preferences. This can empower Follow Up Boss users with data-driven decision-making and personalized strategies to optimize their sales and follow-up processes. Overall, ChatGPT can enhance user productivity, improve communication efficiency, and increase the chances of converting leads into loyal customers."

In a nutshell, ChatGPT can be extremely useful to agents. But it'd be a lot of effort for every agent to log into their Follow Up Boss account and simultaneously log into their ChatGPT account and switch between the tabs frequently. So, we build a FUB-ChatGPT integration which is an app within each FUB Lead, enabling agents to use the responses from the bot without ever having to leave the screen. Here's a short demo:

If you are an existing InterFace user (that is having an active subscription with InterFace - FUB Sisu integration, FUB - OTC integration or any of our Webforms), just drop us an email at [email protected] and we'd onboard you! If you are new to InterFace, just follow the three steps and you can onboard yourselves in minutes!

Templates on how to use FUB ChatGPT integration: Tips to begin with...

Agents can use these templates to generate responses from ChatGPT:

  1. Make the following email more persuasive and succinct. Also, remove any fluff. [Paste Email Here]

  2. Write out 5 text ideas to send to a client who is considering selling their home and requested a follow up in 3 months.

  3. Write a listing description for a _ bedroom _ bath [Property Type] in [City], [State]. The house is on a [Describe Street/Location] and has a [Feature 1]. The house is [Property Description]. Also, highlight the [Feature 3] and that it’s [Feature 4].

Here's an example: Write a listing description for a 3 bedroom 2 bath Single-Family home in Carlsbad, CA. The house is on a cul-de-sac and has a newly updated kitchen with granite countertops and a gas stove. The house is two stories, 2300 square feet, and has a double garage. Also, highlight the big backyard and that it’s close to shops and cafes.

Here's an example from ChatGPT on how agents can use ChatGPT at various stages of using Follow Up Boss:

"Let's say a real estate agent is using Follow Up Boss to manage leads for their listings. They receive an inquiry from a potential homebuyer asking about the availability of a particular property. Instead of manually typing out a response, the agent can use ChatGPT to generate a personalized follow-up message. The agent can provide some context about the property and the lead's inquiry, and ChatGPT can analyze the information and generate a response in a conversational tone, addressing the lead's questions and providing additional details about the property, such as its features, location, and pricing. The agent can review and edit the generated message to ensure accuracy and authenticity, and then send it to the lead directly from Follow Up Boss. This saves the agent time and effort in composing a response from scratch, while ensuring a timely and professional follow-up with the lead.

Furthermore, the agent can also use ChatGPT to analyze data within Follow Up Boss, such as lead behavior and engagement patterns. For example, ChatGPT can analyze the lead's interactions, such as email open rates and click-through rates, and provide insights on the lead's preferences and interests. Based on these insights, the agent can tailor their follow-up approach and content to better resonate with the lead, increasing the chances of converting the lead into a client.

In summary, Follow Up Boss users can benefit from ChatGPT by leveraging its language generation capabilities to streamline communication with leads, provide timely and personalized responses, and gain insights from data analysis, ultimately improving their lead engagement and conversion outcomes."

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions!

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