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Bidirectional Sync - Know More
Bidirectional Sync - Know More

This two way sync between FUB and Sisu is all you need to propel your team's efficiency like a rocket! Read more...

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How would it feel, if your agents need not go to Sisu to update transaction information, and they don't have to fill any forms too? And, how would it feel if your TCs need to log in to Follow Up Boss to update transaction data, which they just updated in Sisu?

Awesome, right? That's what our bidirectional sync is - awesome!

The bidirectional sync allows syncing any field in a FUB Deal created through InterFace to any field in the respective Sisu transaction - without having to fill a form! Want to update just the transaction amount? Type it in FUB and it'd update in Sisu. Wish to update the team split in Sisu? GO right ahead and it'd update the FUB deal.

Important Considerations

  • Not only standard fields, ANY field created in FUB deal can be synced to ANY field in Sisu. As long as they are in the same format, we're good to integrate them!

  • These are NOT FUB Contact/Lead custom fields. These are Deal custom fields. And that's a big advantage. A single contact may have multiple deals - including buyer and listing deals at once. If we are to use FUB contact custom fields, the data would get overwritten in buyer and seller transactions. But a deal is unique in both FUB and Sisu, making FUB Deal custom fields unique and capable of carrying data irrespective of any other deal ongoing for the same contact.


  • Once the team has been onboarded for bidirectional sync with standard fields, they'd be able to update:

    • Transaction Amount/Price

    • Close Date

    • Commission

    • Split

    • Description

    From FUB to Sisu, and from Sisu to FUB. If the team wishes to have more fields synced bidirectionally, please get in touch with the InterFace support team at [email protected].

  • To update a field in FUB from Sisu, open Sisu transaction and find the field which is synced bidirectionally. Make changes and click on Update. That would update the deal in FUB.

  • To update field in Sisu from FUB, open FUB Deal from FUB Contact>Deals Section. Update the synced field and click on Update. The Sisu transaction would get updated.


  • The sync may take a few seconds to a minute to reflect.

  • The sync works only for deals that are created through InterFace integration AFTER the sync has been turned on i.e. after the team has been onboarded on the bidirectional sync functionality.

  • Check out the pricing here.

  • Register/Sign up for the bidirectional sync here.

  • To schedule a demo with Daniel, click here.

    Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries!

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