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Set multiple appointments for a single deal in Follow Up Boss using InterFace

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InterFace provides a seamless integration with Follow Up Boss (FUB), allowing agents to efficiently manage and track multiple appointments within the system. Click here for a demo video. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to utilize InterFace to set multiple appointments in FUB:

1. Creating a New Opportunity:

- Agents start by accessing InterFace's embedded app and filling out the appointment form to create a new opportunity.

- Upon submission, InterFace simultaneously generates an appointment and a deal in Follow Up Boss, along with an opportunity within its own embedded app.

2. Filling out the Disposition Form:

- After the initial appointment is set, agents can proceed to fill out the disposition form by clicking on the newly created appointment opportunity.

- This action updates the Appointment Outcome within FUB's appointment section and transitions the deal stage to "Appointment Met," reflecting the status change in the embedded app.

3. Setting Another Appointment:

- If the agent needs to schedule another appointment before advancing to the Signed stage, they can easily do so by accessing the Met opportunity within the embedded app.

- By clicking on the Met opportunity, agents can fill out the appointment form again, initiating the creation of a new appointment within Follow Up Boss.

4. Consistency Across Platforms:

- Despite setting multiple appointments within FUB, InterFace ensures consistency across platforms by maintaining the deal stage as "Appointment Met" and updating the opportunity stage accordingly within its embedded app.

- Additionally, stages in other platforms like Sisu also reflect the "Appointment Met" status, preserving data coherence and streamlining the agent's workflow.

This is a setup-on-request feature. To have this is functionality turned on, please reach out to [email protected].

InterFace simplifies the process of setting and managing multiple appointments within Follow Up Boss, offering a cohesive experience across platforms. By leveraging its integrated features, agents can efficiently schedule, track, and update appointments while maintaining consistency and accuracy in deal stages and opportunity statuses.

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